Daniel Moloney is an Irish born NY based designer. After graduating college in Dublin , he moved to NY where he started working with Halston. His career later saw him work with some of the most prestigious fashion houses - Donna Karan, Randolph Duke, Kenar, Kenneth Cole, Tory Burch, & Burberry.  He also consulted for clients such as Revlon and Chanel.  A highlight was the launch of his eponymous menswear label which was launched in the 90’s and was heralded by DNR as a designer to watch. The collection sold in high end boutiques in the US & Japan. It was a firm favorite of bands and musicians most notably Bryan Ferry and Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. His collections always refer to a dark gothic irish landscape filled with poetry and music. The Dublin music scene , particularly the Goths standing outside HMV all day Saturday in their amazing hair styles and shredded mohair sweaters are standouts. The name NAMARA derives from the rich retail legacy passed down on his mother’s side. His grandmother’s general store filled with everything you could possibly want, alongside her brother’s haberdashery and drapery store next store were Aladdin’s caves of wondrous treasure. Indeed watching my grandmother cook the full irish (breakfast) for her best customers after Mass on Sunday was an early example of customer service.

NAMARA SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT JUNE ‘22I am committed to making the NAMARA brand as sustainable as possible. Throughout my career when travelling to factories around the world for production, I only worked with factories who had clear and well-intentioned goals for Product, Process, and People.It has led me to be certified in Sustainability by Pratt Institute.In this collection, when you see Eco-designed , it means I am pursuing the 17 sustainable goals to transform our world. I use “deadstock’ where possible, otherwise cotton is organic, and polyester is recycled. All pieces are made locally in the best factories, as is the printing and embroidery. Other pieces , such as denim, is all upcycled - just know that it takes 2000 gallons of water to produce 1 pair of jeans, or the amount of water 1 person drinks in 7 years.It will continue to be a major focus of the brand going forward to pursue these sustainable goals to the best of my ability.