'All' changed, changeD
utterly A terrible Beauty is

Easter 1916.  W.B.Yeats

Tread softly,
because you tread on my dreams


Dita Von Teese descending the stairs in a custom Vivienne Westwood gown to marry Marilyn Manson at Gottfried Heinwein’s Castle Gurteen de la Poer in Co. Waterford...“Luggala Days” - Robert O’Byrne’s delightful account of a storied Guinness House “the most decorative honeypot in Ireland” which was the dazzling social world of peers, poets, painters, journalists, junkies, scholars and socialites.Anjelica Huston growing up in St. Cleran’s in the west of Ireland.My grand cousin Evelyn in her sparkling tiaras, her mother Mrs. Pender a grand dame for sure shopping the best stores in Limerick for her husband’s customers back home, and of course my grandmother’s store - an Aladdin’s cave of the most wonderful things....... All of these set the stage for the unique backdrop for my NAMARA collection.NAMARA is without doubt a modern day Luggala filled with the most diverse inspiration... A romantic, historical Ireland perhaps... A place of extraordinary natural beauty, dark, gothic hills populated with eloquent words, a melancholy soundtrack, Mick Jaggar, Marianna Faithful sitting in the drawing-room at Luggala - these are the images and references that shape this collection, give it its poetry, offer the sparkle that becomes the embellishment - unique personal items embellished with the memories of my childhood. #thisisNAMARA